The Themes

Pure contains various themes intertwined throughout its compelling narrative. First and foremost there is the message of human connection that supersedes any age, racial, or socio-economic divisions. The bond between Denim and Casey is one that will stir audiences as it reminds us about what is best about the great American Experiment.

The mystical game of golf serves as the vehicle that provides the rhythm of the film's thematic pulse. The natural beauty of a golf course's landscape, the game's unique combination of physical and mental aspects, and the individuality of the sport makes it the perfect conduit for the themes of this movie.

The message of mentorship and the need to nurture a talent for it to fully flourish is clearly defined in Pure. The transcendent concept that is infused throughout the film is that each life has inherent worth. Pure steadily reinforces the ageless belief that through self-discipline and support for one another's individual talent, the value of our lives will be discovered and lifted to levels previously unimaginable.