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When a mysterious young woman named Abilene appears in the small town of Fair Haven, Ohio, her sudden arrival sparks questions about her past. Haunted by a painful event that nearly broke her, Abilene does her best to avoid personal ties but soon finds herself drawn to the spirit of a community seemingly filled with others just like her, all in need of repair in some way.

One of the locals is Matt, a kind-hearted young man who recently returned home to help out at his family's cider mill after the sudden death of his father. Despite her reservations, Abilene begins to let down her guard around Matt and his close-knit family, finding something in them that she never had before. But even as she beings to put down roots, and allows herself to trust again, she struggles with the terrifying secret that sent her on this shattered path.

Each of the eight episodes is a compelling story on its own, pulling the veil back in a gripping narrative that incrementally provides the audience with another piece to Abilene's puzzle.   As her past threatens to catch up with her, Abilene must make sure that her new friends don't become collateral damage of her wreckage.  With Matt's empathetic support, Abilene realizes that she must choose between a life on the run filled with dark secrets or one of hope and healing that may lead her to greater rewards of redemption and salvation.

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