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When Abby Morgan's truck breaks down in the small town of Fair Haven, Ohio, her arrival sparks questions about her past. She doesn't have the money to pay for the repair and it's only through the kindness of the people of the town that she is able to get her feet under her.  She takes a job at a local cider mill and does her best to avoid personal ties, but soon finds herself drawn to the spirit of a community seemingly filled with others just like her -- all somewhat broken and in need of repair in some way.


One of the locals is Matt Wagner whose family owns the mill where Abby works. He recently returned home after the sudden death of his father and is trying to devise a plan to save the business from its bleak financial outlook. Although Abby tries to keep her past walled off, she begins to let down her guard around Matt and confides in him that a recent tragedy has thrown her life off track. 

Each of the eight episodes is a compelling story on its own, pulling the veil back in a gripping narrative that incrementally provides the audience with another piece to Abby's puzzle. As her past threatens to catch up with her, Abby must choose between a life on the run filled with unhealed wounds or one of hope that may lead her to greater rewards.

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