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An unlikely friendship between a troubled boy and the manager
of a struggling record store sparks a musical connection
that brings hope to both of their lives.

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STAY TRUE is an inspirational drama about a twelve year old boy named Jaylen Percy who strikes up an unlikely alliance with Miles Baker, a forty-year-old journayman guitarist.  Miles runs a music store and café called the Rock-n-Soul with his on-again off-again girlfriend Eden.   The place has a long history but now struggles due to the changing times in the frayed neighborhood where it resides.  It’s at the Rock-n-Soul, however, where Jaylen finds refuge from the desolation and urban blight of the surrounding streets.  His mother, an aspiring songwriter and guitarist herself, died several years ago and Jaylen secretly longs to hold on to her through music.  With Eden’s  help, he purchases a used guitar with money earned by selling some of his mom’s old vinyl albums, and he tries to teach himself how to play.

At first Miles looks at the kid lingering in the store as an annoyance, but after he sees Jaylen’s determination to learn, he starts to offer some guidance. Through teaching Jaylen, Miles begins to discover a new purpose that reinvigorates his passion for music, something that’s been missing for years.  But he soon learns that Jaylen’s life is extremely complex as the boy lives in a parentless home and is being raised by his Uncle Taye.  Taye, a young man in his early twenties, was once deeply involved in gang life but now works diligently to provide a good foundation for his nephew. 


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But as much as Taye attempts to keep things on track for Jaylen, violent elements from his former life continue to come back to haunt him.  Soon Jaylen finds himself caught in conflicts that are much bigger than a young boy should have to deal with but are unfortunately all too common in the world in which he lives.   At the same time, Miles finds his role suddenly much more than music tutor.  Never very successful at taking care of himself, Miles now finds himself trying to protect a youth who has life-determining decisions hurtling at him every day.  

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